Free prizes at CITAC's March 3/11 Meeting!!!!!

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Free prizes at CITAC's March 3/11 Meeting!!!!!

Post  DavidZ on Wed Feb 15, 2012 3:44 pm

At March's CITAC meeting being held at the BPL's community room on 3/11, I'll have a few lots of FREE (Yes, FREE!) prizes to give away.

Prize lots will consist of a few bags of Misc livebearers and a few unique things I'll pick up in Chicago next week. I promise these will be pretty cool fish. Maybe a unique Pleco? Different kind of Livebearer? Don't know exactly what they will be, but I'll see what neat things they have when we go up. Will not be something commonly seen in LFS's if I can help it.

Anyone bringing a new person, or ordering fish for next week, will be given extra entries.

Plan to attend and tell your friends!!!


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